Mogadishu City Club

Mogadishu City Club, abbreviated as MCC,  is a Somalia multi-Sports club present  in the Capital City of Somalia  MCC,was Established in 1963-56 Years Ago, the Club which was nicknamed by Municipio Club,  the club was a very rich club, created by the highly motivated young sports players composed of boys and girls playing all types of Sports, and took a title that was named the title  known as the Mogadishu City Club, participates in various sports Leagues.

The club consists 9 of Sports teams :Football team, Basketball team, Handball team, Table tens team, tennis team, Volleyball team, Swimming Pool Team, Athletic team, Cycle team.

The Club has different teams participated in various competitions, Inside and outside Somalia some of our teams are championships of Somali National leagues and Somali Cup Known as General Da,uud Cup, our teams has been success story to the city of Mogadishu. Witch we also participated in various sports Leagues in the country and also made a significant contribution to the reputation of the capital city  Mogadishu and reached the Mogadishu club to represent the name of Somalia without anyone participating in the East and Central African CECAFA, Arab League and many other titles.

The Somali sports club, Mogadishu City is a big club with a magic and prestige within the country and abroad.

The club had a foreign coach’s experience 1970-1988, and there were two football coaches from Ghana, Ghana national team coaches, and also current we have still foreign Coach from Uganda,


The club also has an executive committee, which was one of the most knowledgeable and well-known sports management who are the responsible for the various teams in the administration. The Executive Committee are 11 Members.

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. Secretary General
  4. Assistant Secretary
  5. Treasure
  6. 6 Members
  7. The Club honored so many deferent Sports AwardsFootball Team,

    Premier League, Champions.  1976, 1986, 1989, 2000 2006 2014 2013

    General Da,uud Cup,  Champions-2012-2001-2018

    Somali Super Cup, Champions-2016

    Following the start of the civil war in the early 1991s, the  stadium of Mogadishu City Club was kept save and used by  the Youth club known  as Banaadir Sports Club which they have been  established Group of youth who were  neighborhoods of the Club Stadium Munishibiyo, and this title has been changed By Mogadishu City Club, abbreviated as MCC, which is going to present the Capital city of Somalia Mogadishu in a Youth Sports development,  Mogadishu City Club It’s a Sports team currently competes in the First of Somali Premier League,  the Club has a deferent teams in sports like Football /Basketball /Table tens.Hundball, Volleyball, Athletics.


    Stadium and facilities

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    Home matches are played in the Capital City Somalia (football-specific) 60,000 seat Mogadishu stadium. The club formerly played at Mogadishu Stadium (also known as Stadium Olympic), with a capacity which adds up to 60,000 including VIP stands, The stadium, originally built in 1978, was renovated in 2019 for the Federal Government of Somalia. Situated Wartanabada District of Banaadir Region   the venue attracts large numbers of spectators. It is the de facto home stadium of the Somali National Team.

    Mogadishu Stadium is a very distinct stadium in the East Africa Countries because of its unique features; the Stadium has a Swimming pool, Basketball, Tens, Volleyball, Handball with the  Big Hostel, Sports Bar & so many other Sports Facility.

    The Club Has a Training field which is named Municipality Playground this field it has palace Sports Bar, Club Head Office, Hostel, and Basketball field Training. Parking.

    Youth development

    The club hosts Young Age players with a number of youth coaches. Many  local footballers have graduated from Mogadishu academy, including Ali Omar Ali, National team U20 Midfielder Holder and many others the Club  has a youth development programme, which instills philosophies and enforces training ideals among the youth players, programme had 340 participants enrolled as of 2019.

    First team squad

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    As of 28 December 2018-2019

    No Position Player Nation
    1 Goalkeeper Said Aweis  Cali Somalia
    2 Goalkeeper Abdirahman Mahdi  Esse Somalia
    3 Defender Ahmed Abdulahi Abdi Somalia
    4 Midfielder Ali Omar Ali Somalia
    5 Midfielder Gacal Farah Ali Somalia
    6 Midfielder Daadir Yusuf Mohammed Somalia
    8 Midfielder M. Abdurazak Mohammed Somalia
    10 Midfielder Qeys Abdulle Mo’alim Somalia
    11 Forward Abdukadir Adan Eenow Somalia
    12 Defender Ciise Abdulkadir Ibrahim Somalia
    14 Defender Abdinajiib Gabeyre Mataan Somalia
    15 Defender Abuukar Abdulahi Sidow Somalia
    16 Defender Ismail Hussein Mohammed Somalia
    17 Defender Mohamud Mohammed Jeele Somalia
    18 Forward Somalia
    20 Midfielder Simbwa Uganda
    21 Midfielder Zimula Jaliilu Uganda
    22 Forward Marcel Odianbo Kenya
    26 Defender Daahir Somalia
    27 Defender Abdulahi Mohammud Omar Somalia
    30 Midfielder Hassan Mohammed Adan Somalia
    31 Forward
    32 Defender
    33 Defender
    34 Midfielder


    Out on loan

    No Position Player Nation
    1 Defender
    2 Defender
    3 Defender
    4 Midfielder
    5 Forward
    6 Midfielder
    7 Defender
    8 Midfielder
    9 Midfielder
    10 Forward


    As of December 2018.

    Senior team

    Coaching staff
    Head coach Mbalangu Husein Hassan Uganda
    Assistant coach Mustaf  Hassan Omar Somalia
    Technical Analyst Mohammed Jeylaani Ajeelow Somalia
    Goalkeeping coach Cabiwali Colaad Qanyare Somalia
    Fitness coach
    Reserve team coach
                                                     Medical staff
    Team doctor
    Technical staff
    Team manager Abdifitah Mo’alim Yusuf                      Somalia
    Reserve team manager Bootaan mohammed Dinixow                   Somalia
    Sports officer
    Media officer Abdinasir Mohammed eidle                   Somalia
    Audience & marketing
    First team officer