About MYSA


MYSA is a local NGO which aims to restore the overwhelmed youth situation in Somalia and its based in the heart of Mogadishu Capital City biggest slums led youth development organization which uses Sports as a vehicle for positive change in the life of slum children in Somalia.

The organization aims to promote street and slum kids through their love for Sports, and tries to provide them with an alternative to Youth life for a better future perspective, we offer shelter, education, and school support,

MYSA was founded in 15 /02/2014 A Group of Youth Lead by Mr. Abukar Mohamed Sheikh after realizing the Essential Needs of Somali Youth in order to participate in development activities. 


Community Outreach

As a locally based Sports Organization the close work with the local community is a fundamental part of our work.

It is important for us to involve and support youth, families and homes, so as to monitor the progress and desired impact on the Youth life.

In order to sensitize the community about the situation of youth in the Streets and the daily challenges they face, we exchange knowledge and experiences with other local organizations and always seek opportunities to cooperate with different Non-Profits in the community.